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The sporting goods brand Under Armour launched, on 16/03, the HOVER, its new cushioning technology for running shoes.

At an event organized at Casa Fares, in the capital of São Paulo, Under Armor received journalists, athletes and influencers to a Test-drive of HOVR tennis, in a circuit created by Luciano D'Elia with treadmills and Movement accessories.

battery The training session was divided into cardio, functional and flexibility stages, where participants got on treadmills and Movement jumps and felt the difference in HOVR technology.

The event ended with a cocktail on the rooftop of Casa Fares, and was attended by celebrities such as Felipe Tito and Paola Antonini.

Area with Movement treadmills at the event promoted by Under Armor

• HOVR at Casa Movement

The partnership between Movement and Under Armor for the launch of HOVR also ended up at Casa Movement.

On the weekends from 17/03 until 08/04, the doors of our House were open for the HOVR Station activation, which offered free functional training and between with sneakers.

Free training and tennis trail with HOVR technology at Casa Movement

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