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News | December 13, 2023

The growth of gyms in hotels has been significant in recent years. With increasing awareness about the importance of health and wellness, many travelers are looking for exercise options during their hotel stays.

 This trend is driven by demand from guests, who want to maintain their exercise routines even while traveling. Hotels are responding to this demand by offering well-equipped gyms with a variety of exercise options. In the past they had a fitness center and today they have complete gyms, which provide guests with a complete workout.

 One of the reasons for the improvement is its audience seeking a better quality of life and continuing with their training. The presence of a gym can be seen as an indication that the hotel cares about the well-being and health of its guests, offering options for them to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle even during their stay.

 For some people, having a gym available at the hotel is a determining factor in their choice, especially for those who have a physical exercise routine and don't want to interrupt it during the trip or who can spend it with their family.

 For business or group travelers, the presence of a gym can be even more relevant, as they often have a tight schedule and do not have time to visit external gyms. Having a gym in your hotel makes access to physical exercise easier and helps you maintain productivity and balance during your trip.

 The gym is of great importance or even a deciding factor when searching for a hotel, especially for the traveler's profile. Having a gym in your hotel makes access to physical exercise easier and helps you maintain productivity and balance during your trip. Furthermore, the presence of gyms in hotels is also seen as a competitive differentiator. Hotels are looking to offer amenities that meet guests' needs and provide a more complete experience during their stay.

 The biggest concern for hotels is to establish a partnership with brands that have a variety of equipment, who can provide advice on the sale, prevention and maintenance of equipment.

 Movement provides several solutions for this market, with close, direct and specialized service from Movement Stores, equipment with differentiated quality, award-winning designers, innovators that provide the training series for the guest, with applications that help the guest's training such as Omnifit and others that speed up maintenance service, such as Connect.

 We think about the trend that exists in some hotels for an individual gym inside the room with reduced space, in 2024 we will launch the Bionic, complete strength training equipment that requires less than 3m² of training space, with an LED panel, handle kit with adjustable arms, cutting-edge design and training tracks.

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