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News | October 6, 2023

In the fitness world, the constant search for innovation and efficiency is a reality that drives gyms and their equipment to continually evolve. One of the challenges we always face is the need to keep the treadmills in perfect working order. And now, at Movement, we are proud to introduce LubFree technology.

Challenges of constant lubrication:

For years, lubricating treadmill belts has been a constant and often expensive task for gyms or users who prefer to run on a treadmill at home. The need to keep lubrication up to date to avoid excessive wear and reduce electrostatic charge has become a frequent nuisance. Furthermore, treadmills that are down due to maintenance can affect your exercise routine, generating frustration and wasted time.

Movement's LubFree technology

Movement is committed to providing the best fitness experience possible, which is why our treadmills now feature LubFree technology. As a result, lubricating the conveyor belt becomes a thing of the past. Our RT, LX and X treadmills now come equipped with automatic lubrication, eliminating the need for constant intervention by users.

Longer tarpaulin lifespan:

With LubFree technology, the durability of the treadmill fabric increases by up to 50%. This means less spending on replacing parts and more savings in the long term.

Treadmills never stopped again: Goodbye to belts stopped for lubrication. Your gym can operate continuously, meeting customer needs without interruption.

Lower electrostatic charge: LubFree technology reduces electrostatic charge, ensuring users don't feel uncomfortable shocks during workouts. The glide remains smooth and safe.

Saving time and money: With automatic lubrication, you save time and money that was previously spent on frequent maintenance.

By eliminating the need for constant lubrication of treadmill belts, our equipment offers durability, reliability and an incredible training experience.

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