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Your gym can be much better with Movement! If you are a gym manager, coordinator or consultant, we offer a complete portfolio to serve businesses with different profiles: from small to large gym chains.

We can assist you in different phases of the business, from the first unit, to assisting in possible expansion. The market is constantly growing, and we know it: we are prepared to meet all the necessary requirements!

We are nationally recognized for excellence in Cardio products, and we can deliver a complete solution. Bodybuilding equipment with maximum quality, robustness and compatible with all types of training, from the lightest to the heaviest. We look forward to your business!

Success Case

Discover the success story of this 100% Movement gym!
The perfect example of a network gym in Natal, which we deliver with a complete portfolio of professional products, for all training profiles, constantly thinking about the users' experience. Check out:

Personalized Consulting
    • Profile analysis and usage

      First of all, we need to understand the needs of your gym. In consultation with a specialist, we make a precise assessment: number of users, age group, number of towers, available area. Everything to determine the perfect equipment layout.

    • Pre-project with 2D and 3D layout

      We have a platform for creating layouts with our equipment to facilitate visualization and design the list for your gym, considering the circulation areas, ambiance and space use profile.

    • Definition of model and investment

      If you wonder how much it costs to set up your gym, you need to know the package options that can be adapted to your business profile and the space available to meet your customers' needs.

    • Specialized assembly team

      Delivery and assembly of equipment carried out by an authorized Movement technical team in your enterprise, to guarantee the best experience possible.

    • Technical delivery

      Dynamic presentation of Movement gym equipment, with tips for use and conservation for greater user safety and product life.

    • scheduled preventive maintenance

      A schedule of periodic visits by Movement technical assistance to your space. This way, we can ensure that your gym is always in perfect working order.*

what we have to offer
  • complete portfolio

    All the equipment you need to set up your business, whatever it may be. In addition to the maximum quality and innovation present in the academies in Brazil and Latin America.

  • online guarantee

    Up to 5 years warranty on equipment and components with easy access, through a simple and practical online platform with real-time monitoring, Connect.

  • Largest service network

    A wide network of resellers and authorized technical assistance throughout the national territory, ready to serve you with Movement quality.

  • We are more innovation

    Eyes constantly guided to create and innovate, recognized as a reference in technologies in the fitness universe. Our equipment has exclusive features, such as Shock Absorber Control (exclusive impact absorption system on treadmills), Volta ao Mundo (real course simulator) and connectivity.

  • Professional fitness reference

    It is no wonder that we are a reference in the fitness market, with more than 30 years of experience and constant evolution, to deliver quality and durability for your business.

  • Best ROI on the Market

    The return on your investment is much greater with Movement. That's because you can count on an extensive stock of spare parts and full service to the used market.

  • Excellence in durability

    Appropriately sized fitness equipment, with robotic welding and laser cutting processes that guarantee total standardization of quality and resistance in all lines.

  • contemporary design

    Our fitness equipment is recognized worldwide. We have won national and international design awards, such as the Reddot Hall of Fame, iF Design Award 2015 – Germany, Inovation Awards FIBO, Idea – USA, Idea – Brazil and Museu da Casa Brasileira.

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