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For over 30 years building a history of pioneering and leadership in Latin America in the development and manufacture of fitness equipment.

The rise of the fitness market around the world

The fitness market keeps growing and gaining more and more opportunities. While in the past we only found equipment in gyms, a few hotels and in the homes of only those with better life opportunities, today we see that everyone can have their fitness space without spending too much.

Discover market opportunities
  • The fitness market grows at an annual average of 8,7% in the world (Es Brasil).
  • In Brazil there are 34,5 thousand gyms and 9,6 million visitors (Es Brasil).
  • Fitness apps could reach US$ 14,7 billion by 2026 (Meio & Mensagem).
  • 85,6% of the population considers the practice of physical exercises the most important factor to obtain good health (Abia).
There are different business models

We, at Movement, offer fitness equipment for the most varied segments, being present both in a state-of-the-art gym and in the homes of more and more families.

Condominiums and Construction Companies

Clubs and Hotels

Studios and Boxes

Clinics and Hospitals

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There are several reasons why people look for Movement equipment. Some of them you will find below:

  • Product quality

    We develop and manufacture equipment with quality based on durability, requiring little maintenance and low cost when maintenance is necessary.

  • After-sales service

    We are recognized for the support that meets the customer's needs as quickly as possible, with the largest specialized technical assistance in Brazil.

  • Reliability

    Our customers trust the quality of our products and know they can count on us whenever they need it. No wonder we are present in more than 48% of gyms in Brazil.

  • Constant innovation

    Whether developing a new device or updating existing versions, Movement is always linked to fit innovation.

  • Own development and manufacturing

    Produced in our factories in Manaus/AM and Pompeia/SP, Movement products are truly Brazilian and have replacement parts even many years after purchase.

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