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News | December 11, 2023

We are frequently seeing professional athletes, bloggers, coaches and amateurs eating fast food as a post-workout strategy. But, after all, is it worth it? 

In my professional view, it is unlikely that you will achieve good results with a diet with a high intake of fast food several times a week – it is worth mentioning that I am not just talking about health but also about results. Some people show good results, however, they have a high level of consciousness and favorable metabolism (hormonal environment, genetic potential). 

The worrying point of a diet focused on fast food is the high intake of saturated and trans fats, foods with a high glycemic index and fructose (sweets). When we ingest all of this, our body's metabolic response worsens. 

As with any eating plan, you need to evaluate your profile and lifestyle. A diet with high energy density is not a bad thing for those who have difficulty gaining weight, lean individuals and those with greater insulin sensitivity, as long as the diet has a good nutritional profile and the individual practices physical activity.

However, a strategy with a high energy density of foods ends up not being a good choice for those who have difficulty losing weight. Foods rich in fats and sugars compromise specific areas of our brain, such as satiety. 

Therefore, I can say that eating fast food on a low-calorie diet, for someone who does physical activity, has a good hormonal and metabolic profile and a low percentage of fat, can be nice and not pose any major problems. 

Always look for a nutritionist to create a specific eating plan for you and your needs.

Nutritionist Erick Pinheiro


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