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News | January 31, 2024

Start the day by saying “hi” to your body with the energy of a run on the treadmill or a bike ride? Yes! We'll show you how to create a morning ritual that not only awakens your senses, but creates a healthy relationship with your schedule. No waking up and rolling over in bed; your body deserves a worthy “good morning”. Let's go?

1. Wake up with a walk on the treadmill:

Instead of getting out of bed and heading straight to the shower, how about starting the day with a walk on the treadmill? Adjust the speed to suit your pace, breathe deeply and enjoy the cardiovascular benefits as energy flows throughout your body. You can do this by watching the newspaper and even giving orders to the children. 

2. Exercise Bike in warm-up:

Before you even have breakfast, warm up your body with a few minutes on the exercise bike. Maintain a moderate intensity, pedaling gently to wake up your muscles and prepare your heart for the busy day ahead. Yes, it's ok to train fasting (and of course, everything at your own pace – learn to listen and feel your body)

3. Yoga on the bike or treadmill:

Integrate the serenity of yoga into your morning routine while on the treadmill or bike. Perform simple postures that promote balance and flexibility. Stretch while walking or cycling, creating a unique fusion of physical exercise and mental relaxation. Try this experience and then tell us. 

4. Cardiovascular Training with Spinning:

If you're looking for a burst of energy, a spinning session could be the answer. Hop on your spinning bike and adjust the resistance to create a challenging experience. Feel the pulsating music and allow the endorphins to flow, providing an energetic boost for the whole day. Plus, speaking of calories, she's a winner!

5. Core strengthening on the treadmill:

While walking or running on the treadmill, include some core-strengthening exercises. Do planks, knee raises, and even knee raise runs to engage your abdominal muscles. This way, you not only burn calories but also tone your core.

6. Stretches on the exercise bike:

Finish your morning routine with a few minutes of stretching while on the exercise bike. Stretch your legs, reach your feet and stretch your back muscles. These movements not only promote flexibility, but also release tension built up throughout the night.

Extra Tips for your ritual:

  • Set realistic goals: Maintain your morning routine with workable gear. It doesn't have to be long; 15 to 20 minutes can do wonders.
  • Vary your Routine: Try different training modes on the equipment. One week might be more focused on the treadmill, while the next, you take on the spinning challenge.
  • Enjoy the Process: Every pedal stroke, every step, is a gift for your body. Enjoy the process, celebrate achievements and stay focused on well-being.

By incorporating equipment like treadmills, bikes and spinning into your morning ritual, you not only wake up your body, but also take your routine to a whole new level. 


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