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  • LED console and reflective panel
    Its console has intuitive adjustment and direct monitoring on the equipment, in addition to a reflective finish, which makes it possible to use it as a mirror to aid during exercises.
  • Adjustable arms and handle kit
    They allow different points of adjustment of position well highlighted for the user with different handles, which generates several possibilities for exercises, in addition to more efficient biomechanics and ergonomics.

  • design and technology
    Through compact mechanical systems and electronic load control without the "iron weights" Bionic provides modernity and the greatest space saving for functional and strengthening training.
  • Smartphone Support
    The entire front of the equipment has magnets, which allows the user to stably position the smartphone or tablet in the most convenient position for training.

  • training trails
    Within the Bionic environment in the Omnifit app, it is possible to create an adaptive training program based on the objectives, profile and training performed, for greater engagement in the training journey according to the characteristics and evolution.


Bionic is a wall training totem that offers a complete solution for physical training in small spaces provided by its versatility of load adjustments and handles, in addition to a digital interface that can guide the user in a personalized and adaptive training.

With technology and design, Bionic allows a wide variety of exercises for functional and strength training, replacing the need for several pieces of equipment, such as washers, dumbbells and crossovers, for a single super compact piece of equipment.

Its fitness platform app connectivity provides customers with a connection to personal trainers, healthy eating tips and comprehensive workout content. This allows users to enhance their wellness journey, receive personalized guidance and access additional resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This simplifies the user experience by providing guided and adaptive guidance. It creates a personalized training trail based on each user's profile, goals and specific performance. This allows customers to have more efficient and targeted training, catering to their individual needs.

Technical specifications

assembled dimensions(L) 130cm x (W) 81cm x (D)16 cm
Power supplybivolt
Total weight69 kg.
Maximum load25kg in total
Load Variationfrom 5 to 25 kg
BluetoothBluetooth Low Energy
AudioSpeakers for cell phone connection
Minimum space for use170x170 inch
ConectividadeOmnifit app for control, history and training programs
Basic display and application indicationsLoad, run and rest time, reps, sets and range
ConvenienceMobile support for tablet and cell phone
Installation RequirementWall that supports 8 screws of ø 8mm and wall plugs ø10mm


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Bionic Movement Training Totem

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