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  • Guided bar with twelve levels
    With twelve levels of height and precision guided bar adjustment, you can customize your workout to suit your every workout need.

  • Six racks for weight storage
    It offers convenience and efficiency, in addition to keeping your space always organized.

  • Security Locks

    Robust bars for the bar that guarantee security and maximum stability for training.


Smith Machine: complete to transform your body!

With NEXT's Smith Machine, you can vary the exercises to work different muscle groups in your body, such as your back, chest, abs and lower limbs. This machine allows movements such as bench presses, squats, rows and leg raises.

Smith Machine is designed with a sturdy and durable frame, ensuring stability and confidence during training. With its high-strength steel construction, this equipment supports heavy loads, making it ideal for beginners and advanced athletes alike.

Its solid base and locking systems ensure a secure and comfortable experience With a combination of innovative design and must-have features for all fitness enthusiasts.

Movement's Smith Machine allows adjustment of the height of the guided bar in twelve different levels. This fine-tuning allows you to tailor your workout to your needs.

Practicality is key to a fluid training routine. And because the machine is equipped with six storage racks, this machine keeps your weights organized and within reach.

We understand the importance of a safe workout, which is why the Smith Machine has barbell locks, offering maximum security during workouts.

Check out the other launches of Movement's new bodybuilding line, the NEXT! They are benches, equipment for washers and cable stations with the highest quality from the #1 brand in Brazil!

Technical specifications


Length (cm)215,6
Width (cm)122,3
Height (cm)228,2
Occupied area (m²)2,64
Recommended area of ​​use (m²)7,0
Equipment weight (kg)175,6
Maximum load (user and load) (kg)135 each side
Max user weightN/A
Packed dimensional (LxHxW) (cm)228 x 142 x 50
Structure thickness (mm)3
PaintingSurface treatment with 9 baths. Electrostatic powder painting with a thickness of 110 µm, with two curing stages.
upholstery materialPolyurethane Foam
upholstery coatingcourvin
Washer HolderYes
transport wheelsNo
Instruction sticker (placard)No
color optionsBlack

90 days: Legal guarantee of the Consumer Defense Code (art. 26, II)
Labor / Knob / Transport wheels / Fairings and plastic finishes / Adhesives / Upholstery in general / Handles

1 more: Already included the legal guarantee of the Consumer Defense Code (art. 26, II) of 90 (ninety) days.
Mechanical parts and pieces / Pulleys / Carabiners / Bearings / Springs / Fastening components / Painting in general, including chrome and galvanized items.

3 years: Already included the legal guarantee of the Consumer Defense Code (art. 26, II) of 90 (ninety) days.
Chassis (except painting) and metallic structures


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Smith Machine Next Movement

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