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  • Elastic support

    Adds resistance to movement, diversifying exercises.

  • Back covers on supporting upholstery

    They prevent premature wear, ensuring greater durability.

  • Ease of use with instruction board

    The instruction board helps the user perform the exercises.

  • Additional stainless steel washer supports

    They provide practicality and durability.


Knelling Leg Curl Next

The articulated Kneeling Leg Curl from the Next line stands out for offering several benefits that go beyond muscle strengthening in the back of the legs.

Unlike traditional leg exercises, which often work both legs simultaneously, the Kneeling Leg Curl allows for unilateral training, isolating each leg and offering a series of benefits:

Unilateral Development: Each leg receives individual attention, allowing asymmetries to be corrected and achieving balanced muscular development.

Focus on the Hamstring: Guided movement isolates the hamstring, an often overlooked muscle crucial for explosiveness, strength and performance in many sports.

Increased Strength: Strengthens the muscles responsible for fast and powerful movements, increasing your performance in various sports.

Technical Specifications


Length (cm)124,2
Width (cm)166,6
Height (cm)133
Occupied area (m²)2,07
Equipment weight (kg)132
Maximum load (kg)50 (each side)
Instruction sticker (placard)Yes
Adjustment LevelsNo
Bottle/object holderNo
Color optionYes – Matte black, Matte black with green or Matte black with yellow
Recommended area of ​​use (m²)5,95
Warranty 90 days: Legal guarantee of the Consumer Defense Code (art. 26, II)
Labor / Knob / Transport wheels / Fairings and plastic finishes / Adhesives / Upholstery in general / Handles

1 more: Already included the legal guarantee of the Consumer Defense Code (art. 26, II) of 90 (ninety) days. Mechanical parts and pieces / Pulleys / Carabiners / Bearings / Springs / Fastening components / Painting in general, including chrome and galvanized items.

3 years: Already included the legal guarantee of the Consumer Defense Code (art. 26, II) of 90 (ninety) days. Chassis (except painting) and metallic structures


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Kneeling Leg Curl Next

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