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  • knee support

    Ergonomic design that guarantees perfect stabilization during exercises, ensuring optimal comfort.

  • tuning set-ups
    Knee support adjustment set-ups that guarantee optimal positioning during exercise.
  • anti-impact protection
    Impact protection on the center column ensures the equipment stays in top condition without worrying about scratches or damage from the bar.
  • Small and compact
    Occupied area of ​​2 m². Perfect for small spaces!


More sculpted back with the NEXT High Pull

By focusing on key muscle groups, the NEXT High Pulldown focuses primarily on the back muscles, including the latissimus dorsi, trapezius and posterior deltoids, allowing you to develop a strong and powerful back structure.

With NEXT's High Pull you will be able to enjoy a series of significant benefits, such as:

Lat Development: The High Pull offers precise, adjustable resistance, allowing you to work your lats, also known as the "wings" of your back, intensely. This results in a noticeable increase in muscle width and definition, providing an impressive aesthetic appearance.

Strengthening the back muscles: You can effectively target the back muscles such as the trapezius and posterior deltoids. These muscles play an important role in posture, stability, and overall core strength, ensuring a strong foundation for your workouts and daily activities.

In addition to all these benefits, the NEXT line Pull Up has an elegant design and takes up little space in the environment, ideal for optimized spaces.

We know how important it is for your equipment to remain in perfect condition over time. That's why we equipped the Puxada Alta with an anti-impact protection on the central column, ensuring its integrity against scratches and damage caused by the bar. You can train with peace of mind, knowing that your equipment will always be impeccable.

We recognize that each individual is unique and has different needs. That's why we've developed intuitive seat adjustment set-ups, allowing you to customize the backrest angle in up to 9 different positions. With this exceptional flexibility, the Puxada Alta adapts perfectly to any body, providing maximum comfort and efficiency.

With a weight tower that supports a load of 120 kg, the NEXT High Pull challenges you to overcome your limits and achieve muscle development. Get ready for intense, focused workouts that will transform your body and boost your confidence.

Check out the other releases from Movement's new strength training lineup, including... NEXTIt features benches, weight equipment, and cable stations, all with the highest quality from Brazil's number one brand!

Technical Specifications

Length (cm)122,7
Width (cm)165,4
Height (cm)236,7
Occupied area (m²)2,03
Recommended area of ​​use (m²)5,2
Equipment weight (kg)213
Weight battery (kg)120
Maximum effective load (kg)120
Weight plate (kg)5
Maximum user weight (kg)145
Load increment (kg)N/A
Packed dimensional (LxHxW) (cm)256x159x33
Chassis thickness (mm)3
Tower thickness (mm)3
PaintingSurface treatment with 9 baths. Electrostatic powder coating, medium thickness, with two curing stages.
SoldiersPartially robotized MIG
upholstery materialPolyurethane Foam
upholstery coatingcourvin
TransmissionCabo San Lucas
Cable diameter (mm)3,17
Shock absorber at the base of the towerYes
careened towerNo
Handles IncludedNo
faired pulleysYes
Weight selector pins (flute)Aluminum
Instruction sticker (placard)Yes
bottle/object holderNo
color optionsBlack
fairing optionYes
Warranty90 days: Legal guarantee of the Consumer Defense Code (art. 26, II)
Labor / Knob / Transport wheels / Fairings and plastic finishes / Adhesives / Upholstery in general / Handles
6 months: Already included the legal guarantee of the Consumer Defense Code (art. 26, II) of 90 (ninety) days. steel cable
1 year: Already included the legal guarantee of the Consumer Defense Code (art. 26, II) of 90 (ninety) days. Mechanical parts and pieces / Pulleys / Carabiners / Bearings / Springs / Fastening components / Painting in general, including chrome and zinc-plated items / Electronic components (except batteries) when applicable
3 years: Already included the legal guarantee of the Consumer Defense Code (art. 26, II) of 90 (ninety) days. Chassis (except painting) and metallic structures


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