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Another important launch for the fitness market, the Rock Air Rower, our new rower indoor, arrives bringing the intensity of the Rock line to equipment that has been popularizing in different training spaces around the world. Designed for high performance in training that can go to the extreme, our new rower was developed in a robust way and with a bold design, it is a product that guarantees constant use and high durability.

The equipment has a modern design, with aluminum rail construction and a folding structure, allowing its use in different training locations. Rowing speaks to a variety of audiences, from small studios and cross training to larger academies, with the possibility of serving students of different levels and modalities.

The Rock Air Rower is intense and works on two resistance options that can often complement each other, it's a workout solution HIIT with the control of load levels (magnetic resistance) and also cardiovascular levels through air resistance, the faster the stroke, the greater the resistance.

The solution is ours, the Movement is yours.

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