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News | September 22, 2023

Here, our passion is to promote well-being and health through physical activity. We are thrilled to present our launch of the year, the Line Next, an exciting collaboration with Smart Fit, the largest gym chain in Brazil. Together, our mission is to democratize access to quality in the search for a healthier life. We recently presented the line at the Ihrsa fair and it was a huge success.

The success of the Line Next would not be possible without the active and collaborative participation of Smart Fit. The integrated and intelligent development were remarkable. We worked together, from conception to production, ensuring that every detail was carefully thought out. Here are some steps in the development process that shaped this exceptional line:

 Effective Participation: Smart Fit played a key role in developing the concept, defining features, validating solutions and providing valuable insights.

 Real World Feedback: We carried out technical visits to Smart Fit gyms, interviewed franchisees, managers, users and maintainers. These interactions provided crucial feedback for creating technical solutions with high perceived value.

 Constant Validation: Prototypes were subjected to rigorous conceptual and usability validation, involving experts to guarantee the ergonomics, comfort and effectiveness of the equipment.

Line Differentials Next

the line Next represents a new era in strength and bodybuilding equipment. Here are some of the differences that make this line truly exceptional:

Cutting-edge Technology: We develop equipment with cutting-edge technology, ensuring the best performance on your training journey.

Robustness and Durability: Every detail has been meticulously thought out to offer robustness and resistance, from the adjustment systems to the soft upholstery. You can focus on your performance without worry.

Customized Ergonomics: We recognize that each body is unique. Our equipment offers precise, easy-to-use adjustments, allowing you to customize your workout according to your goals and fitness level.

Compact and Versatile: the line Next It is perfect for those looking for quality without taking up a lot of space. It offers efficiency and quality of exercises in a reduced space.

Unbeatable Cost-Benefit: At Movement, we believe that quality should not be a luxury. With the Line Next, you get high-standard equipment at an affordable price, allowing you to invest in your health without compromising your finances.

Decades of experience: With years of experience in the fitness market, we know what it takes to create products that offer the best experience possible. Each piece of equipment is the perfect combination of technology, quality and your well-being.

We are proud and excited about the Line Next, and we can't wait to see her transforming gyms and lives across Brazil. At Movement, we are committed to promoting a healthier, happier future, and Line Next is another step in that direction. Together, democratizing well-being in the world!


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