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News | September 21, 2023

With great joy and enthusiasm, we announce the opening of our newest concept store in Maceió! It is a historic milestone for Movement Fitness, as this is the brand's first store in the Northeast of Brazil. As a renowned Brazilian industry, we are proud to expand our presence to this vibrant, welcoming and beautiful region.

This launch represents a significant step after the recent redefinition of our visual identity at the beginning of this year. The result of many years of constant transformation and team union.

The entire company celebrates this launch taking into account one of the brand's attributes: “We are tireless and reliable”, increasingly committed to providing high quality equipment and solutions that go beyond physical exercise.

The new store in Maceió will be a true paradise for those who want to open or renovate their gym. Furthermore, we are ready to assist property managers who want to revitalize gyms in condominiums, hotels and construction companies. Our team is fully prepared to offer guidance, helping you create the fitness environment of your dreams, the dreams of your guests or clients.

In more than 30 years of fitness life, this long trajectory is a reflection of our continuous dedication to providing exceptional products and services, and expanding this moment in Maceió only shows us that we are and will continue on the right path. We hope to see you soon in our new store in Maceió!

  1. It's great that we will now have a concept store in Maceió. It's been a few days since I purchased a movement treadmill. I am super satisfied with the purchase! I also want to highlight that the team at Maqfit, where I made my purchase, is fantastic. The service provided by the seller, Douglas, was the big difference in completing the purchase. Very charismatic with a smile that is always visible and very attentive to my needs.



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