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News | September 12, 2023

It is with great excitement that we announce our participation in BCFW 2023 (Brasília Fitness & Wellness Expo), the largest fitness fair in the Midwest of the country. After the remarkable success of our participation in the event last year, we couldn't help but be present again this year, bringing even more innovation and inspiration to fitness enthusiasts and investors in the region.

Repeating the Success of the Previous Year

Last year, our presence at BCFW was marked by visitor enthusiasm and growing interest in our superior quality equipment. The positive feedback we received encouraged us to come back and offer an even better experience in 2023.

Introducing the NEXT Line: New of the Year

This year, we are excited to introduce our big new feature: the NEXT Line. This line represents the latest in innovation and technology in the world of fitness. With revolutionary features and functionalities, the NEXT Line is designed to take your workouts to a new level. We'll have live demonstrations of these incredible pieces of equipment at our booth, so you can experience first-hand the revolution they're bringing to fitness.

“Passionate about Movement”: Our Inspiring Theme

In line with our passion for movement and our commitment to health and well-being, we chose the theme “In Love with Movement” for our participation in BCFW 2023. We believe that movement is fundamental to a healthy life and we are dedicated to inspiring others people to embrace this passion too. Together with one of our retailers in Brasilia, we are looking forward to consolidating this event as a celebration of movement, health and the fitness community.

BCFW 2023 will be held from September 14th to 17th in Brasília. Our commercial team will be present at the event, ready to demonstrate the features and benefits of our equipment to enthusiasts and investors. It's an incredible opportunity to connect with industry leaders, explore the latest fitness trends, and experience Movement Fitness' high-quality equipment in person.

We hope to see you there! Join us at BCFW 2023 and be part of this celebration of the passion for movement and the pursuit of health and well-being. Come and discover the NEXT Line and discover how we can help you achieve your fitness goals in a more effective and exciting way. We look forward to sharing this experience with you.


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