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Movement and Fitness Brasil, a company focused on educational content aimed at developing the Fitness market, present an unprecedented initiative, the course Out of Chaos: From Survival to Revival. Focused on providing management information relevant to overcoming the crisis for gym owners, coordinators and employees throughout Brazil, the initiative seeks to promote unity, education and social awareness in this period through quality education.

Addressing topics such as finance, sales, marketing and legal, the course will take place in an online format between June 10th and 12th, presenting classes taught by a carefully selected faculty that includes market professionals specialized in commercial management, digital marketing intelligence, customer experience and much more. In addition to the lectures, workshops, panel discussions, round tables and real-time interactions will be offered.

Registration for the event is now open and can be done on the Sympla. The registration price is defined by the participant, who can choose between values ​​of 25, 50 and 100 reais to contribute. 100% of the Net Revenue raised by the event will be donated to a social cause linked to the segment.

For more information and link to register: https://www.sympla.com.br/saindo-do-caos-da-sobrevivencia-a-retomada__1186265


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