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News | November 30, 2023

You, Manager, have a fundamental role in the life and well-being of the entire condominium. Your administration and decisions have a direct impact on the lives of people who are often neighbors with whom you cultivate bonds of friendship and admiration.

Opening or renovating a gym in a condominium is not just a strategic decision. It is also a way to leave your mark on people's lives with sport, health, sociability and leisure.

Movement recognizes and values ​​the importance of this role, as it shares the vision that people's health and well-being must be a priority. And, in addition to equipment, it offers all the knowledge and expertise you are looking for and need to transform the place you live.

Find out how Movement can help you, the property manager, with your condominium gym:

In planning

  • Profile and usage analysis – The first step is to understand the needs of your condominium. Therefore, we analyzed the number of residents, age group, number of apartments and area available for the gym.
  • Pre-project with 2D and 3D layout – To facilitate visualization and design the list for your gym, considering the areas of user circulation, ambiance and space use profile.
  • Model definition and investment – ​​With package options adaptable to the profile of your condominium and the available space.

In the delivery

  • Specialized assembly team – The delivery and assembly of equipment is carried out by an authorized Movement technical team in your condominium, to guarantee the best possible experience.
  • Technical delivery – Dynamic presentation of Movement gym equipment, with tips on use and conservation for greater safety for users and the useful life of the product.
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance plans – To ensure that your gym is always in perfect working order.

This is how we at Movement congratulate the property managers who, with wisdom and vision, transform spaces into temples of health. And, on Síndico's Day, we reinforce our commitment to helping you leave your mark on the place where you live, grow and enjoy the best moments of your life. If necessary, please contact here.


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