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News | December 12, 2023

So, fitness warrior, ready to face the eternal question: training at home or going to the gym? Let's unwind this plot and weigh the pros and cons of these two options to help you decide what makes your heart beat faster.

Training at Home: Your Personal Territory

At home, my friend, you are the king of the situation. Do you feel like working out at 3 am? He can! Put that playlist super packed or even training naked? And with you. It's the reign of total convenience!

Privacy? It's just you, the four walls and your favorite music. No curious looks or unsolicited guesses. You can make faces, dance as if no one is watching and, if you feel like it, even let out some motivational screams.

Saving time is a gift. Goodbye traffic, goodbye waiting to use equipment and, best of all, more time in your day to invest in yourself.

But, of course, not everything is rosy:

The lack of specialized equipment can somewhat limit the diversity of your workouts. After all, you're not going to fit an entire gym into your living room.

And let's be honest, a lack of motivation can show up when you don't have a personal trainer or training buddies to push you.

Training at the Gym: The Temple of Awesome Equipment

At gyms, you're presented with a playground full of equipment you never knew existed. Treadmills, weight machines, dumbbells that look like concrete blocks… the variety is enough to leave anyone excited.

The environment, with its contagious energy, may be just what you need to feel motivated. Trainers to guide you, training buddies to inspire you, it's almost an endorphin party.

And who knows, maybe you'll make new friends while lifting weights? Gyms are great places to socialize and create connections.

But let's get to reality:

Gyms have opening hours and they don't always fit in with your schedule. It can be a challenge to balance your schedule if you have a busy day.

And you can't ignore the cost. Monthly subscriptions and membership fees can be heavy on your pocket.

So what is the final answer? Well, my friend, the important thing is to be on the move, no matter where. Whether in the living room or in the gym, the secret is to commit to health and fitness. At the end of the day, the choice is yours, and the important thing is to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Here we tell you to choose your training because we have them all.

Now, put on your best pair of sneakers and go rocking, whether in your training corner or in the busy gym. 💪😄
Ah, wherever you choose, we have one awesome playlist here to help you.


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