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News | December 27, 2023

Watch out, guys. You cannot judge a date without considering the context of what was done throughout the year. As the famous phrase goes, “we gain weight from what we eat between New Year and Christmas” and not the other way around.

I don't see a problem with a person going overboard on the days we celebrate Christmas and New Year. Celebrating is remembering, remembering is living, there are many emotional issues involved. Eating that much-desired panettone, or that Christmas rice, the donuts, and even drinking a little more are within our tradition. Judging things in isolation is ignorance. What's the problem with eating a whole chocotone that day? It is necessary to analyze several things to judge this meal on time. To have physical health, you need to have mental health as well; To change your physique, you need to adapt your mind. I think each person should be analyzed within their particular context. Food is not demonized, but rather, it is used intelligently.

People are obese or overweight because they eat junk food every day, every meal, all year round, they are sedentary. Therefore, it is far from a meal on a special day like Christmas to be considered something so bad. It is just a nutrient-poor food, but judging a food in isolation without the context of the diet has little or no value, mainly because the general well-being that the diet causes in the individual is very important. One of the fundamental pitfalls of dichotomizing foods as good or bad, or clean or dirty, is that it can form a destructive relationship with food.

I wouldn't condemn anyone for eating excessively for a day without analyzing everything they did or does and the reasons they do it. Much less if the person's evolution throughout the year is considered. Making a judgment or feeling judged is empty when we look at things in isolation, often criticizing someone who is healthier, has a much better physique, is happy, and eats whatever they want on festive days, while the one who judged, for He is often irritated eating white rice with unsalted chicken and drinking water.

Now, if you can go without enjoying one meal or another on such special days of closeness with your family, congratulations, warriors. I hope that your health, your physique and, above all, your mental health justify your choices. That's what really matter.

A hug and happy holidays,
Eric Pinheiro



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