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News | March 14, 2023

Training at home is no longer a dream for many people. With the technological advancement of fitness equipment, having your own gym within the comfort of your home is getting easier.

Nowadays, everyone seeks comfort and practicality to achieve physical and mental well-being. And for that, nothing better than being able to work out without having to leave the house, increasing the frequency of training and eliminating setbacks such as bad weather or traffic on the way to the nearest gym.

Planning your gym

Talking is easy, but how do you start moving to set up the gym in your home? The first step is always planning.

Book a place in your home to turn it into a fitness area. It could be a bedroom, a corner of the room, an outdoor area protected from the weather, there are countless possibilities. The thing to keep in mind is that the area needs to have enough space to move around without bumping into other furniture or equipment. In addition, an area with good lighting and ventilation makes training much more enjoyable.

gym decoration

Remember that the gym is a space for activities that require free space, so it's important to avoid decorative pieces on the floor or shelves next to the area dedicated to exercises. A clean environment is usually the best option both to avoid accidents and to facilitate cleaning. 

Light colors are usually lighter and stimulate motivation and disposition. Some paintings or posters referring to activities can also compose the space and, if you are an athlete, it is possible to have a shelf with trophies, medals and certificates in a corner that does not get in the way.

Cabinets can also be a useful composition for storing accessories such as dumbbells, mats and towels.

Investing in equipment

One of the biggest questions when setting up a gym is which equipment is essential. The truth is that it depends a lot on what type of training you intend to do, but with some tips you can get an idea of ​​what type of device to buy.


Treadmills and bikes are a good starting point. In addition to being able to find several models that do not require electricity, they are activities that can be explored by the most diverse audiences and help in warming up and increasing physical resistance. 

The elliptical is also a versatile piece of equipment that provides efficiency with less effort, making it ideal for a novice user who can adjust training as their fitness improves.


To preserve space, the ideal is to have a multi station. The W2, for example, is a versatile and efficient training multi-station with 5 structures to compose your training in different uses.

Now, if you already have a well-defined training routine, specific devices may be better to help you achieve the expected results. In this case, it may be important to have the help of your personal trainer, who will indicate which devices are needed to compose your daily training.


Dumbbells, mats and benches are essential to compose a gym. Another very popular piece of equipment is the Medicine Balls, which even serve the functional training group, allowing for several options for use. 

Movement has a great option for those looking for all these accessories to compose their gym. Movebench+ is a complete kit consisting of a stylish bench that matches your workout and your home. It comes with kettlebell, dumbells, bars, elastic bands, slamball and accessories for countless exercises that can compose your training with the most varied difficulties.

Now you can start planning your gym with greater direction and assertiveness. It is worth remembering that it is always important to consult a professional to prepare your workouts and assist in the exercises in order to avoid injuries. And to count on high quality and credibility, count on Movement Home line equipment and have all the support you need.


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