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It's time to celebrate another year here at Brudden! And this time, with even more pride, because we also completed 40 years of a history full of innovation.

Even with so many challenges, we managed to achieve results beyond expectations, and knowing that our employees offered us their best, we also decided to offer them an unforgettable New Year's experience!

In our 2020 results meeting, we innovated and made the managers' presentations in digital format, in addition to presenting the engaging video celebrating our 40th anniversary, which made many people emotional.



Taking all the necessary care, we meet in small groups in different sessions, and also in the intervals we sterilize the auditorium, guaranteeing everyone's health.

In 2020, we live, We Learn, We Reflect, and now it was time to get together, celebrate so many solutions that we implemented in this period!

We wish a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to the team members, our customers and partners.


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