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News | September 25, 2023

On the 29th and 30th of July 2023, Montevideo was the stage for the highly anticipated fitness event “Expo en Uruguay”, organized by Mercado Fitness and held at the Radisson Hotel. With the presence of several companies in the sector, Expo en Uruguay provided a valuable opportunity for Movement to present its products to the Uruguayan market.

Movement, in partnership with its distributor in Montevideo, Sport Master, represented by Javier Cordero, attended the event with great enthusiasm. During these two days, the company exhibited four high-quality equipment that demonstrate its expertise in the fitness industry:

Cardio Equipment: RT ILED Treadmill and RTS Elliptical

Movement brought two of its most notable cardio equipment to the event, the RT ILED Treadmill and the RTS Elliptical. These pieces of equipment are known for their durability, exceptional performance and cutting-edge quality, contributing to an effective and comfortable training experience.

Strength Equipment: IDEA Extensora/Flexora

Movement also exposed the IDEA Extensor/Flexor, strength equipment designed to serve all audiences, from gyms, condominiums, hotels and clubs. Its versatility and effectiveness in building strength are characteristics that stand out.

Special Launch: Pelvic Lift from the Line NEXT

We present first-hand the Pelvic Lifting, one of the most recent launches in the Line NEXT by Movement. This product line consists of 20 products carefully developed to meet the varied needs of the fitness market.

Movement's participation in Expo en Uruguay 2023 exceeded expectations, providing a unique opportunity for the company to stand out in the Uruguayan fitness scene. In addition to the product exhibition, the event also offered a series of lectures and networking opportunities that enriched the audience's knowledge and connections.

We continue to be recognized for the quality and innovation of our fitness equipment, and our presence at Expo en Uruguay reinforces our commitment to providing high-quality training solutions to diverse fitness audiences around the world. We look forward to the next edition to share our solutions with the global fitness community.


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