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News | January 17, 2024

Imagine waking up in the morning, taking a few steps and finding your personal gym ready to welcome you. The  idea of ​​transforming your home into a complete fitness space has never been more accessible. Let's explore which equipment can take your home workout to a new level, bringing benefits to your health. 

The Essentials:


The treadmill is one of the most iconic pieces of equipment for home workouts. It offers a convenient option for running and walking, as well as being an excellent tool for burning calories. Full control over incline and speed lets you customize each cardio session to your goals.


  • Ease of storage.
  • Can be used for walking and running training.
  • Great for burning calories and improving cardiovascular endurance.

Spinning (Ergometric Bike):

A spinning bike offers an effective way to burn calories and strengthen your leg muscles. The versatility of spinning bikes makes them ideal for users of all fitness levels.


  • Low-impact training, gentle on the joints.
  • Perfect for burning calories and improving cardiovascular endurance.
  • Many program and intensity options.


Ellipticals provide a full-body workout, involving arms, legs and core. They are gentle on the joints, making them ideal for anyone looking for an effective cardiovascular workout without excessive impact.


  • Low impact training.
  • Involvement of upper and lower muscles.
  • Variety of programs to maintain motivation.

Bikes (Vertical and Horizontal):

Whether it's a traditional upright bike or a more relaxed upright bike, both offer unique benefits. Upright bikes provide an intense leg workout, while upright bikes offer additional lumbar support.


  • Effective leg workout.
  • Variety of programs and resistance levels.
  • Low impact on joints.

To optimize your workouts, consider combining these pieces of equipment into your weekly routine. This will provide a variety of stimuli to your body, promoting more comprehensive results. Remember to adjust the intensity according to your current ability and progress gradually to avoid injury.

Calorie Loss x Time:

Calorie loss varies depending on individual factors such as weight, training intensity and metabolism. On average, an hour of training on a treadmill can burn between 300 to 600 calories, while a spinning session can result in burning 400 to 800 calories. Ellipticals and bikes also offer significant results, averaging 300 to 600 calories per hour, depending on intensity. WOW!
Do you need to buy them all? Of course not, see which one best suits your needs and that’s it! With a home gym, you are investing not just in your physique but also in your overall health. Customize your workout according to your preferences, goals and fitness level. In 2024, the perfect gym is closer than you think – right in your own home. In fact, visit our online store where everything is on sale : )

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