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News | September 19, 2023

If you're ready for a revolution in the world of fitness, the most anticipated launch of the year is here: BIONIC, Movement's smart training totem. Get ready to experience a whole new approach to achieving your fitness goals, all without the need for cables or traditional iron weights.

Imagine a compact but powerful device, capable of delivering performance results you never imagined possible. Welcome to BIONIC, the training partner that will transform your fitness journey into a unique experience.

Movement, the largest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the country, brought to the market this incredible innovation that is already revolutionizing gyms, condominiums, hospitals, hotels and even homes. With an inclusive proposal, BIONIC is height adaptable, which means it is perfect not only for dedicated athletes, but also for those who have some mobility difficulties, including wheelchair users, for example.

The possibilities are endless with BIONIC. It is the ideal ally for physiotherapy clinics, providing a complete range of adaptable exercises. And the best part? Its intuitive technology supports more than 100 types of exercises, all in one elegant piece of equipment.

The final touch of convenience is the cell phone or tablet holder, which can be moved around the entire BIONIC panel. With a beautiful, intuitive design, you'll have access to a world of guided exercises and detailed instructions. But the real magic happens when you connect BIONIC to the Omnifit app.

With the Omnifit app, your training experience reaches another level. Imagine having a personal trainer, exercise tips and even guidance on healthy eating, all in the palm of your hand. The app's adaptive journey takes into account your goals, time availability and level of experience, creating personalized workouts that adjust to you.

So if you're looking for real results and an innovative approach to fitness, BIONIC is the answer. With the tagline “the smart workout totem,” it not only defies expectations, it exceeds them. Get ready for a new era of training, where technology and performance meet to create a healthier, more exciting future.

The future is now, and it's called Bionic.


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