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News | May 31, 2023

Walking is one of the first exercises to practice when we decide to move more. That's because walking is simple, effective, and low-impact on your joints, but that doesn't mean it doesn't need preparation and care. 

start stretching

It is very important that, before the exercise begins, you stretch so that the body becomes more flexible in order to reduce the chances of injuries during practice. Stretching still helps improve training performance and prepares the whole body for the exercise to come. 

Although stretching is essential before training, it also needs to be done after practicing the modality, in order to help return flexibility to the muscles that were contracted and help relieve muscle pain that may appear. 

Hydration always

Keeping the body well hydrated during physical exercise practices allows the body to remain in balanced functioning, helping both in cooling down and in performance as a whole. Sweat causes water loss that can lead to dehydration of the body, so it's important to drink water before, during and after exercise. 

Be careful when choosing clothes

In terms of clothing, the first item that should be taken into account is the right shoes, with flexible soles and a good quality cushioning system. No need to put on those flat sneakers to walk, regardless of the terrain you're going to explore! 

Clothes should be comfortable and allow the body to breathe naturally. High-top cotton socks help prevent ankle sprains and also allow sweat to evaporate more easily, reducing the chances of creating an environment that is very conducive to fungus and bacteria. 

body warming

Every walk should start with a warm-up. To do this, start the practice in a moderate way, with slower steps for approximately 5 minutes, progressively increasing the pace to continue at your speed. 

Cooling down is also important for the heartbeat to drop again and the body to start preparing for cooling down. To do this, take the last 10 minutes to slow down again and prepare for a good stretch. 

Talk to your doctor

For any new physical activity, a physical assessment is recommended. That's because the doctor can help you understand your body's limits and even guide you with an even safer practice. 

Having a professional coach is also a great way to avoid injuries and achieve better and better performance.

It is worth remembering that these tips are valid both for walking outdoors and for indoor walking, in gym treadmills ou residences. The fact that some treadmills already have integrated monitoring makes it even easier to monitor their performance, causing greater motivation in each practice.


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