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Beating the heatwave in training: do it right!

🔥 The heat is intense, but that doesn't mean your workouts need to suffer. Discover smart, research-backed strategies to keep your training fire burning, even under the scorching sun. Stay Hydrated, No Excuses: Water is your best friend in a heat wave. A study from the Journal of Athletic Training highlights that hydration not only improves performance, but also reduces the risk of muscle cramps and exhaustion. So, stop procrastinating and keep that bottle nearby. Tactical Timings to Beat the Heat: Training at the right times makes all the difference. Researchers at Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise suggest that exercising in the early morning or evening hours maximizes the benefits of training while minimizing the risks associated with extreme heat. Style with Purpose: Your workout clothes aren't just fashion. Opt for lightweight, breathable pieces, as suggested by a study in Sports Engineering magazine. In addition to maintaining style, you will be allowing your body to breathe and stay cool during exercise. Intensity with a Summer Flavor: Reduce the intensity, but not the fun! Research from the European Journal of Applied Physiology emphasizes the importance of adjusting training intensity in hot weather. Less intensity doesn't mean less effectiveness, especially when it comes to your health. The Body Speaks, Listen to It: Your body is an effective communicator. Be aware of the signs, as suggested by a study in the Brazilian Journal of Sports Medicine. Dizziness, weakness and excessive sweating are signs that your body needs a break. Listen and respond wisely. Post-Workout Feast: Eat smartly post-workout. Light, water-rich foods, as evidenced by a study in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, not only nourish, but also help with hydration, [...]

Keep your health up to date (betes)

On November 14th, the world comes together to raise awareness and educate about diabetes. This date is an important opportunity to highlight the importance of physical activity in the management and control of diabetes, improving quality of life and reducing complications. Let's explore why physical activity is a powerful ally in the fight against diabetes and how you can benefit from it. Benefits of Physical Activity for People with Diabetes 1. Blood Sugar Control Physical activity helps the body use insulin more effectively, which results in more stable blood sugar levels. This is especially important for those with type 2 diabetes, which is often associated with insulin resistance. 2. Improves Insulin Sensitivity Regular exercise can increase the body's sensitivity to insulin, allowing cells to more easily capture glucose from the blood, which is essential for controlling diabetes. 3. Weight Control Maintaining a healthy weight is vital for those with diabetes. Physical activity helps burn calories, control weight and reduce body fat, which helps improve insulin sensitivity. 4. Reducing the Risk of Complications Regular exercise can help reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and kidney problems. 5. Improved General Well-Being Exercise releases endorphins, which improve mood, reduce stress and increase the feeling of well-being, contributing to emotional balance, which is so important for managing diabetes. World Diabetes Day Awareness World Diabetes Awareness Day is an occasion to remind everyone, not just those living with diabetes, about the importance of prevention, early diagnosis and appropriate management. [...]

Health & Movement: Transforming Lives at Movement

At Movement, we're passionate about health and wellness, and that's not just limited to our customers - it's also a fundamental part of our corporate culture. Proof of this is our internal project "Health & Movement", an initiative created to encourage our employees to embrace well-being in the workplace. Since its launch in late 2022, the "Saúde & Movimento" project has been a resounding success at Movement. It offers our employees the opportunity to commit to their own health and quality of life, perfectly aligning with our commitment to "We are Alive and Healthy". This program includes personalized support with qualified trainers, access to our state-of-the-art gym in the showroom during certain periods of the day, an application for tracking training, periodic assessments and exclusive discounts on supplements from our partner brands. It is no surprise that, since its inception, 20% of our employees have already joined the project, with a waiting list for the coming months. More than Healthy Bodies Although improving physical health is one of the main goals, "Health & Movement" goes further. It also contributes to reducing stress, relieving pain and preventing health problems, creating a healthier and more productive work environment. Furthermore, the project strengthens our corporate culture, reinforcing the message that taking care of our health is part of our DNA, and that we are committed to democratizing well-being from the inside out. The Highlight: Leonardo Abreu Within the project, one name stands out: Leonardo Abreu. His dedication and commitment led him to achieve a remarkable transformation in his life. Leonardo not only lost an incredible 10kg, but also completely overhauled his lifestyle, incorporating healthier and more sustainable habits into his routine. Today, he is a source [...]

NEXT Line: The Future of Strength and Bodybuilding at Movement

Here, our passion is to promote well-being and health through physical activity. We are thrilled to present our launch of the year, Linha Next, an exciting collaboration with Smart Fit, the largest gym chain in Brazil. Together, our mission is to democratize access to quality in the search for a healthier life. We recently presented the line at the Ihrsa fair and it was a huge success. The success of Linha Next would not be possible without the active and collaborative participation of Smart Fit. The integrated and intelligent development were remarkable. We worked together, from conception to production, ensuring that every detail was carefully thought out. Here are some steps in the development process that shaped this exceptional line: Effective Participation: Smart Fit played a key role in developing the concept, defining the features, validating the solutions and providing valuable insights. Real World Feedback: We carried out technical visits to Smart Fit gyms, interviewed franchisees, managers, users and maintainers. These interactions provided crucial feedback for creating technical solutions with high perceived value. Constant Validation: Prototypes were subjected to rigorous conceptual and usability validation, involving experts to guarantee the ergonomics, comfort and effectiveness of the equipment. Differentiators of the Next Line The Next Line represents a new era in strength and bodybuilding equipment. Here are some of the differences that make this line truly exceptional: Cutting-edge Technology: We develop equipment with cutting-edge technology, ensuring the best performance on your training journey. Robustness and Durability: Every detail has been meticulously thought out to offer robustness and resistance, from the adjustment systems to the soft upholstery. You can focus on your performance without worry. Personalized Ergonomics: We recognize that each body is unique. Our equipment offers precise and easy-to-handle adjustments, allowing you [...]

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