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News | October 3, 2023

In a scenario where travelers are increasingly focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, hotels are facing a new challenge: how to offer a lodging experience that not only accommodates, but also promotes the well-being of guests? The answer may lie in the introduction of BIONIC, a smart workout totem created by Movement that is changing the way hotels approach their guests' health and fitness.

BIONIC is not just training equipment – ​​it is a holistic approach to a healthy and enriching stay. By bringing BIONIC into hotel facilities, hoteliers are not just providing a workout space, they are opening the doors to a personalized and inclusive wellness experience.

Imagine walking into your hotel room and finding a personal training partner waiting for you – that's exactly what BIONIC provides. Its height adaptability makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical ability. Wheelchair users, athletes or beginners – everyone can benefit from the training provided by this smart equipment.

BIONIC goes beyond the traditional fitness room, offering more than 100 types of exercises in a single compact piece of equipment. It adapts to your goals, experience level, and even time constraints. And how is that possible? Through the Omnifit app, which turns BIONIC into a virtual trainer, tracking your journey and creating personalized training plans that fit your lifestyle.

BIONIC's impact on the hosting experience goes beyond physical results. When guests come across a hotel that values ​​their well-being, they not only enjoy a healthier stay, but they also feel like they are being genuinely cared for. This translates into positive reviews, enthusiastic recommendations and, most importantly, an emotional connection with the hotel.

These days, the decision to book a hotel goes far beyond prices and basic amenities. Travelers seek experiences that resonate with their health and wellness aspirations. By introducing BIONIC, hotels are not just offering a place to sleep, but an opportunity for their guests to uplift themselves, take care of themselves and feel truly good. It's a revolution in the hosting experience, where health and well-being come together to create truly memorable and transformative stays.


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