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¡HT GYM has Movement!

Movement is present in one of the biggest and main gyms in the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador, the HT Gym in Albán Borja.
With a total of 196 machines distributed over 1.266m², Movement contributes to the evolution and performance of gym students with different product lines. Check:

RT Line: https://www.movement.com.br//es/?sfid=5882&_sft_linha=rt-cardio-es
Bolt Line: https://www.movement.com.br//es/?sfid=5882&_sft_linha=bolt-es
Edge line: https://www.movement.com.br//es/?sfid=5882&_sft_linha=edge-es-2
Line Idea: https://www.movement.com.br//es/?sfid=5882&_sft_linha=idea-es



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