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News | October 6, 2023

During this year's IHRSA fair, we had the honor of having Thiago Somera, Director of Infrastructure and Logistics for the Smart Fit gym chain, present at our stand. It was a unique opportunity to talk to him about the process of developing and launching our latest bodybuilding line, NEXT.

Thiago Somera started our conversation with a phrase that says: “Move all energies to democratize high-end fitness.” This statement resonates deeply with the mission of both Smart Fit and Movement: to make wellness accessible to everyone.

Successful partnership

The collaboration between Smart Fit and Movement to create the NEXT Line was a shining example of how two leading forces in the industry can combine their energies to create something truly incredible. Thiago shared with us fascinating details about how the line was developed, highlighting the commitment to quality, innovation and attention to detail that made it a reality.

Serving the Most Demanding

An interesting point mentioned by Thiago was the delivery of this line to a very demanding public. After all, Smart Fit gym goers are looking for the best in terms of fitness, and the NEXT Line does not disappoint. Each piece of equipment has been carefully designed to offer high-level performance, durability and comfort.

Pride in Delivery

At Movement, we share the same passion for democratizing wellness and providing high-quality fitness solutions for everyone. Our commitment to providing the highest standard fitness experience is now taken to a new level with the NEXT Line.

We're all so excited about the launch of this incredible line, and we can't wait to see it taking over in Smart Fit gyms around the world. We thank Thiago Somera and the entire Smart Fit team for the partnership.

Here at Movement, we remain committed to our motto of “Moving all energies to democratize world-class fitness.” Together, we are building a healthier, stronger future for everyone.


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