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News | June 6, 2024

Investing in a gym in your condominium can be a smart strategy to increase the value of the project and improve the quality of life of residents. In addition to the obvious benefits for the health and well-being of condominium owners, the presence of a well-equipped gym can significantly increase the value of properties and promote a more harmonious and community environment. In this article, we explore ten benefits that installing a gym can bring to the property manager and the condominium as a whole.

1. Real Estate Appreciation

Studies indicate that properties in condominiums with a gym can have a market value of up to 10% higher compared to those that do not have this convenience. According to a report by the Brazilian Association of Property Administrators (ABADI), the presence of leisure and well-being areas, such as gyms, is one of the main factors in the appreciation of residential properties.

2. Attracting New Residents

A gym in the condominium can be a big difference when it comes to attracting new residents. In a competitive real estate market, the offer of a well-equipped gym can be the deciding factor for someone to choose a property in your condominium over another.

3. Promotion of Health and Well-Being

The presence of a gym facilitates residents' access to regular exercise, promoting physical and mental health. This can result in lower rates of stress and illness, as well as increasing residents' satisfaction with the environment in which they live.

4. Savings for Condominium Owners

Having a gym in your own condominium can represent significant savings for residents, who will not need to pay monthly fees at external gyms or spend time and money on travel. 

5. Integration and Coexistence

The gym can serve as a meeting point for residents, promoting socialization and strengthening community ties. An environment where condominium owners know each other and interact tends to be more harmonious and safe.

6. Reduction of Problems with Parking Spaces

With the gym in the condominium itself, it reduces the need for residents to go out by car to exercise, which can help reduce the use of parking spaces and local traffic.

7. Increased Resident Satisfaction

Syndicators who invest in improvements and amenities such as a gym demonstrate concern for the well-being of residents, which can increase satisfaction and confidence in the condominium administration.

8. Market Differentiation

A modern, well-equipped gym can be a great competitive advantage for a condominium, making it stand out in the real estate market and making it more attractive to potential buyers and tenants.

9. Enhancement of the Condominium’s Image

The presence of a gym contributes to building a positive image of the condominium, associated with modernity, health care and quality of life. This can attract a profile of residents who value these aspects, raising the standard of the development.

10. Ease of Maintenance and Management

Partnerships with renowned fitness equipment brands can facilitate gym maintenance, ensuring equipment durability and user safety. Reputable brands generally offer technical support and special conditions for condominiums, making management more efficient.

We exemplify some of these benefits:

Imagine a condominium that recently installed a modern and complete gym. Residents, previously distant and focused on their routines, now have a common meeting point. Mornings and evenings become moments of socialization, where neighbors share workouts, health tips and motivate each other. This new dynamic promotes a sense of community and belonging.

Maria, one of the residents, used to spend R$200,00 per month on a gym outside the condominium. With the new gym, she saves this amount, in addition to the time spent commuting. João, another resident, always wanted to exercise, but the rush of everyday life prevented him from doing so. Now, he can fit in a training session before going to work, improving his disposition and mood.

For the property manager, the benefits are equally clear. The appreciation of properties generates a positive return on administration, and resident satisfaction translates into fewer complaints and a more peaceful coexistence. Choosing a renowned brand for gym equipment guarantees fewer maintenance problems and efficient technical support, making space management easier.

In short, installing a gym in a condominium is a strategic decision that brings multiple benefits to both residents and the administration. In addition to enhancing the value of the enterprise, it promotes the health, socialization and satisfaction of condominium owners. Investing in a quality gym is, without a doubt, an important step towards transforming the condominium into a more modern, valued and pleasant space for everyone.

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